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I Will Teach You a Language aka IWTYAL, Ollie is most likely the biggest Language influencer out there. He helps people learn Japanese through short stories and practical advice.

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Imagine Chrono Trigger and Genki Textbook had a baby, now image that baby also had a sick blog.

I give you JALUP 

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If you don’t know Tofugu yet, you have literally missed the biggest Japanese blog on the internet. We all love Tofugu!

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The only way you can get hungry without seeing food. Hosted as part of. the Heritage Network, Akiko a world renowned food expert breaks down Japanese cuisine.

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From living in Japan, getting a job, or getting out of a job The Inside Japan podcast is like Manga sensei’s Senpai in culture.

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Connor, while no focused on Japanese exclusively, The Tsar experience is where you want to go to learn more about traveling and language learning, particularly if you love Slovic stuff. 

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Ever have trouble memorizing some Kanji or and need a hand? Joyo Kanji is written and researched by a team of hyper intelligent people that seem know the way to make is stick.

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The Japanese pantheon brought to life. Amazing and classical Japanese folktales and other uncanny stories that will leave you begging for more.

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The Podcast that made John Sensei start Manga Sensei. HOJP is full of history, and fantastic multi part stories.

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Bond Lingo is a video streaming and Japanese class service that teaches Japanese in a natural and fun way with some great friendly teacher, including John-Sensei.

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Want to study abroad or travel to Japan, but either don’t want to break the bank, or have no idea how to start. This is who we trust to help you out. 

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Lindsey is a hoot. She is a hyper-polyglot, language teacher, influencer, and pretty much epic human. Check her out and find out what she is up to.

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Attain is a video company that makes a ton of content on Udemy & Youtube, for people serious about learning Business Japanese and the JLPT.

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Need some candy? Kyle, knows how to get the good stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. 

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The people that helped us get started. IF you need to record a podcast, get things remixed or re-mastered, Dee Kei is a beast!

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Kazue is a Japanese teacher and cultural ambassador of epic proportions. She not only teaches Japanese, but also sells Hanko and teaches about culture!

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Loretta is your favorite door to life in Japanese. A fantastic speaker of Japanese she is one of our favorite YouTubers.

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