Manga Sensei

Learn Japanese through Manga

Start learning Japanese from the ground up. All you need to know is basic Hiragana, and we will provide the rest so you can learn Japanese in a natural and fun way. Everything is written by native speakers of the language taught by professionals. Start with episode 000 and every Thursday get a new bunch of vocabulary, Grammar points and explanations, conversations and learn Japanese. 

015: Skipping Class

Lovely Day for dinner don’t you think? 

014: Don’t Fail

Things are worse for Masa

013: Replies

Who has sent the message?

012: Grades

Slipping grades and living statues

011: Messages

Delivering and Receiving

010: Kyoto Bound

How would you handle it?

009: What To Do?

How would you handle it?

008: Sitting Down

Sometimes the whole family just needs to sit down.

007: Family Ties

 Just Stop it.

006: Meetings

What is going on?

Things don’t go as planned…

Masa takes matters into his own hands.

Who is Yoshino Sensei? 

Masa goes back to school, and Natsuki meets someone new. 

Welcome to the New and Improved Manga Sensei Comic.

More Comics and More information. New Japanese Learning Comics Every Thursday.

This was the first version of our comic before we relaunched it. While this wasn’t the story we decided to follow, it allowed us to get our feet wet and learn HOW to teach Japanese through comics.