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Manga Sensei

Learn Japanese grammar 365 days a year with Manga Sensei. Understand Japanese grammar's form and function 5 minutes every day through clear, easy to understand examples, breakdowns and our weekly comic. 

Real Japanese Conversation

Need some productive listening practice? Enjoy Manga Sensei's newest show: Real Japanese Conversation. With weekly episodes on Japanese culture and interesting topics, learn how to Japanese with our two quirky hosts.

Are You a Manga Seitou?

If you love the Manga Sensei show and want to ask a connect with John, Miku, or someone he interviews, submit a grammar question, or want to just thank him for the podcast please fill out the form below

John Sensei aka Manga Sensei is an Interpreter, Podcast Consultant, and CEO/Founder of Manga Sensei and LaunchPod Media Group. 

John Dinkel

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