Become Fluent After 10,000 Mistakes

Learn Japanese 5 Min at a Time

Nihongo doesn’t have to be overly complex or confusing. Team up with Manga Sensei to learn the world’s BEST language.

Short & Sweet

Learn the best language in the world, without taking all the time in the world. In just 5 content rich minutes a day, helping you get the most out of your study time.

Mistakes Welcome

Unlike modern universities, Manga Sensei isn’t grading you. Instead, we encourage you to try, learn and make mistakes, 10,000 mistakes, to become fluent. The only grade you will get is marks for doing your best. 

Better Than Your Stupid Textbook

Breaking down grammar is great, but having them explained to you in easy to understand terms, no matter the level, in good English will go a long way in learning Japanese.

Cool People Listen

Take notes from the best in the Japanese game. Learn Japanese from people who are now experts. Every Saturday John-Sensei talks to really snazzy influencers.

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