Day Twenty Five: Adverbs

Almost there


Now that you know how to use both types of adjectives, you can easily translate them into adverbs. However you must conjugate each type differently. 


II Adjectives: 



はやい=はやく (Quick = Quickly)

わるい=わるく (Bad=Badly)

かわいい=かわいく (Cute=Cutely)


Na Adjectives: 


Na => Ni 

げんきな=げんきに (Well/Healthy=Well/Healthily)

しずかな=しずかに (Quiet=Quietly)

へんな=へんに (Odd=Oddly)


Another important thing to remember is where to put your adverbs. They do right before the verb they are modifying. 

Daily Vocabulary

Stacking Adjectives. 


If you want to say Someone is cute and funny, or rude and stressful you do something called “Stacking” adjectives. To stack Na adjectives you simply use と or や. That is because, grammatically speaking, Na adjectives are very close to nouns and な turns them into a adjective. However for II adjectives you must first turn the first adjective into an adverb. 

No vocabulary words today. Please go back and review, memorizing any words that you do not remember.