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Learn Japanese with our NEW Daily Kanji series on Youtube.


Kanji Stories 

Learn new Kanji every single day. Including how to read, write, use and combine different Japanese Kanji in our short easy to understand videos with stories on how to memorize Kanji.

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Learn The Basics of Japanese in 30 Days

1 Grammar Point, 20 words, 5 minute lesson, each day for 30 days

Are you up to the challenge? Tired of trying to Learn Japanese on your own? Don’t even know where to Start? We have created a simple but difficult system for kickstarting people Japanese. Try our easy to understand walkthrough and start ACTUALLY learning real Japanese.

Learn Japanese Through Reading Manga

Native Conversation

Each weekly theme is written by Japanese natives for all levels of speakers. Unlike textbooks, our conversations reflect the way actual Japanese people speak.

Professional Teachers

Our Senseis are the best in the business. Combined with a passion for language, each episode is chalked full of useful grammar and detailed explanations.

Original Manga

Follow the Yamaguchi Family as they travel Japan and meet interesting characters and grow up. Expertly illustrated by Brittany Olsen, author of “Dendo.”

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Find Manga Sensei everywhere. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. We are helping Japanese language learners of all levels on every platform.

No Skills Required

Learn some Nihongo and over your lunch break or in the car. Manga Sensei podcasts are only 5 minutes long, each episode precisely planned to maximize your learning. 

“After 10,000 Mistakes you become fluent! Let’s make mistakes!”

Daily Japanese Grammar Podcast

Learn Japanese in a clear, simple, and direct way. Never have to guess how a word works, or how to conjugate something. John-Sensei is a Japanese Grammar wiz and wants you to succeed.

Weekly Interviews

Get tips and hacks from the best in the business. From famous bloggers, to interpreters and translators, to businessmen and women from around the globe every Saturday.


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