Day Twenty Six: The KO-DO-A-SAUR



This', 'That', 'That other thing', and 'what thing are you talking about?'Being able to refer to things, directions and unknowns is a major part of learning any language. That's why we have created a handy-dandy cheat-sheet for when you don't know which word fits in.


こ – Close to speaker, This etc. Referring to something the speaker knows.

そ – Close to Listener, That etc. Referring to something the listener knowns.

あ – Removed from both the speaker and the listener. 3rd party or S/o or S/t else. 

ど – A question prefix.


The most difficult part is getting a handle on the 'あ'. which is neither the listener or the speaker. 



ここ – Here (Close to the speaker)

そこ – There

どこ – Where?

あそこ – Removed from both the speaker and the listener;  “over there.”


ここはどこですか。Where is here? (IE: Where am I?)



こちら – This way

そちら – That way

あちら – That way

どちら – Which way?


Which way did the rabbit go? “うさぎはどちらへいきましたか。”



こんな – This type/kind

そんな – That type/kind

あんな – That other type/kind

どんな – Which type/kind?


You like that type of Ice-cream?! そんなアイスクリームが好きなの。



こう – In this fashion

そう – In that fashion

ああ – In a fashion

どう – In what fashion?



How is it (you?)


Demonstrative Pronoun 

これ – This [one] (referring to an object)

それ – That [one]

あれ – That [one] (referring to an object removed from both the speaker and listener.)

どれ – What? 


Which one?これは何ですか。


Demonstrative Adjective

この – This

その – That

あの – That (referring to an object removed from both the speaker and listener.)

どの –  What?


That time (referring to a time that both speakers may or may not know; like the time of the samurai or third grade.)あの時は…


The difference between the demonstrative pronoun and adjective is that is being described. The Pronoun is a thing in of itself. The Adjective on the other hand is describing something, which means s/t need to follow it.Pronoun: This (referring to a cat)Adjective: This cat. (cat must be mentioned)


*っち/っちら – Both have the same meaning, but the former is more polite. 

Daily Vocabulary

Here is a handy little chart that might help. Also No Vocab today. 😉

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