Day Fifteen: Ni

The Japanese Arrow 


Today's particle will force you to stop thinking in English and start thinking in Japanese. At least, we hope so. 


に (ni) is used in a wide variety of situations. に shows who can do something (agent), marks location (existence, usually に is used with the existence verbs ある and いる), indicate feelings or direct of an adjective toward something, to show direction, to indicate time, to indicate source or agent, to show purpose, to show result or goal, to indicate proportion. Think of it like an arrow. に points to where something is going, when it is happening, or what time it is. --->


This means time, days, years, minutes, and etc. can all be marked and identified with に. Also, keep in mind that is can be used with specific dates. It can also be used to indicate purpose or procession. 


おおさかに いきます。

I'm going to Osaka


おとうとは ネブラスカしゅうに いる。 

My little brother is in Nebraska


ノートが ベッドに あります。 

There is a notebook in on the bed.


じゅうよんにちに やくそくが ある 

I have an appointment on the 14th


さんじに あります。 

It's at 3:00 o'clock 


If you look at each of these sentences above the に is acting like an arrow. Osaka に Go, 3 o'clock に is etc.  


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Daily Vocabulary

Where are you? 

Getting directions in Tokyo, particularly on the subway, can be a major undertaking. Today's assignment is to write out the directions it would take for you to get to Japan. Even if the sentences that you make are super simple, for example: Airport に Go, Plane に Go, Right に Go. Even these super simple sentences are perfectly fine for this level. Just get used to saying に over and over and over and over again. Try giving directions to your local store, or the movies, or the gym. Practice makes perfect!

  1. school
  2. door
  3. front
  4. back
  5. left
  6. right
  7. above
  8. below
  9. country
  10. city
  11. town
  12. theater
  13. airport
  14. room
  15. place
  16. appointment (also promise) 
  17. next to  
  18. field 
  19. area
  20. bed 


  1. gakkou
  2. doa
  3. mae
  4. ushiro
  5. hidari
  6. migi
  7. ue
  8. shita
  9. kuni
  10. toshi
  11. mura
  12. eigakan
  13. kuuko
  14. heya/shitsu
  15. tokoro
  16. yakusoko
  17. tonari
  18. hatake
  19. basho 
  20. beddo
  1. がっこう
  2. ドア
  3. まえ
  4. うしろ
  5. ひだり
  6. みぎ
  7. うえ
  8. した
  9. くに
  10. とし
  11. むら
  12. えいがかん
  13. くうこ 
  14. へや・しつ
  15. ところ
  16. やくそく
  17. となり
  18. はたけ
  19. ばしょ
  20. ベッド 


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