Day Eighteen: Mo

This Too


Today is a minor break from the major grammar points that we have been covering up till now. Most every day we have done something that takes quite a bit of time to wrap your brain around. Even with all the aid that we have for you between this site, the podcast, and our grammar database - Today we are covering a simple grammar point: も. 


も (mo) indicates that, on top of what has been stated already, something more is also the case. も basically expresses that something else also falls into the category previously explained in a previous sentence or idea.も works almost exactly like the English “also”, “as well as”, and “too”. Also, like most particles it can be used after another particle (particle stacking), however unlike other particles も maintains its meaning and despite stacking. 


[Noun + も] 

[Noun + Particle + も] 


ビールも さけも のんだ。 

I drank beer and Sake too.


たいわんにも いきました 

I also went to Taiwan


あなたも まんがせんせいを きく?! 

You listen too manga sensei?!

はい! ジョンせんせいも あいました! 

Yes! I also met John Sensei! 



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Daily Vocabulary

Learning a language can really help you brain, but over packing it with a ton is different grammar points and things can also hinder you Japanese learning. One bit of advice that we give to all of our students to to only focus on what you need to know. If you don't know how to say ticket and you are going to ride the train, learn that word. You will need to know the word ticket to properly preform that task. 

On this flip side of that don't learn the word for flying squirrel or monopoly if you don't need it. The more focussed, or the better you can parse through information and find what you need, the faster you will improve. For this very reason we designed this 30 day challenge. Every word and grammar point was added simply for its utility and importance in learning the language.

  1. snow
  2. wind
  3. kiss 
  4. flower
  5. but/however
  6. cloud
  7. weather
  8. past 
  9. future
  10. to turn
  11. north
  12. south
  13. east
  14. west
  15. imitate
  16. same 
  17. to use
  18. bedroom
  19. living room
  20. kitchen 


  1. yuki
  2. kaze
  3. kisu 
  4. hana
  5. shikashi
  6. kumo
  7. tenki
  8. kako
  9. mirai
  10. mukeru
  11. kita
  12. minami
  13. higashi
  14. nishi
  15. maneru
  16. onaji
  17. tsukau
  18. beddo ruumu 
  19. ribingu ruumu 
  20. kicchen 


  1. ゆき
  2. かぜ
  3. キス 
  4. はな
  5. しかし 
  6. くも
  7. てんき
  8. かこ
  9. みらい
  10. むける
  11. きた
  12. みなみ
  13. ひがし
  14. にし
  15. まねる 
  16. おなじ
  17. つかう
  18. ベッドルーム 
  19. リビングルーム 
  20. キッチン 

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