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Minute and Hour Exceptions

Time in Japanese can be a easy thing to mess up. Which is why we made this easily printable 100% perfect reference. Make things just that much easier.
Watch out for the small ‘っ’ it can throw you off if you are not careful. Also remember that in minutes number 2, 5, 7, and 9 are Fun(ふん) not Pun (ぷん). I
When you want to make the time for a period you just attach 間/かん. For Example: A Week 週間/しゅうかんAn Hour 時間/じかんA Year 年間/ねんかん The Exceptions are:SecondDayMonth. Which don’t require the 間.
Helpful Vocab:
  • Second 秒/びょう
  • Minute 分/ぷん ぶん ふん
  • Hour 時/じ
  • Day 日/にち or ひ
  • Week 週/しゅう
  • Year 年/ねん or とし