006: Meetings

Today we are going to talk about KANJI. We will be getting back to particles and verb tenses starting again next week, that and this week is going to be a little bit of an odd lesson as there isn’t much talking going on this week in the story. Japanese uses three main writing systems, as you might already be aware. If you are reading this comic that means you are at least somewhat familiar with Hiragana and Katakana. Which is awesome. The last ‘alphabet’ if you will, is the hardest and most difficult of the three systems.


Kanji are difficult to master, and are something that even advanced learners struggle with. There always seem to be another reading, another meaning, or another combination that you just don’t know. Which can make kanji somewhat frustrating. However, never fear, We have started a series on Youtube to teach Japanese Kanji to you, one day and symbol at a time. There are tons or other useful tools out there too. 


The one thing we do want to tell beginning learners, and even some high beginner/intermediate learners is: 

1 It is completely OK to take your time on Kanji

2 Make sure learn the readings and the meaning not just one or the other. 


Find out how to read Kanji and the two different kinds of readings. 

For today’s lesson check out our new Youtube Channel below. 


  • ほら ー Here (As in “here it is)
  • よ ー ! 



助かった(たける past tense =たすかった) ー To Help

本当に (ほんとうに)ー Very

上手く( うまく) ー Well/Skilled

やってくれた ー To do (for me)

よ ー ! 



ねえ ー Hey 




ねえ ー Hey

今日(きょう) ー Today

は ー Topic Marker

ごめん ー Sorry

気まずかった (きまずい past tense)ー Awkward 

またー Again

明日(あした)ー Tomorrow

会える(あえる)ー Can you meet?



あれ ー What?

変(へん) ー Strange/Odd

なの ー isn’t it 

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