011: Messages

Now that you can identify all of the different kinds of verbs, we should start applying them slowly. Keeping in mind all the time, the difference types; Godan, Ichidan, and those nasty Exception verbs. The the #1 thing to keep in mind here is that while verbs will always fall into three groups they will change forms. This is conjugation we call the Quadrant. Now we won't be going to break that down next week, with some example verbs. So don't worry we will go into the quadrant and how to conjugate all the verbs that you can possibly stomach. Until then, I have something key that we need to go over. 

In every language there are certain saying that we use that have strict and ridged uses, that sometimes seem kind of odd. Today we are going to go over a few.


I'm Sorry (Formal) ごめんなさい

I'm Sorry (Informal) ごめん

Excuse Me すみません

Good Night おやすみなさい


Goodbye in Japanese is a tricky thing. You don't want to use the wrong one. Make sure to only use さようなら if you meet it. or are being very formal.


Goodbye (For Good) さようなら 

See you later またね

See ya じゃあね








 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)- Alright

よ - !

最近(さいきん)- Recently

家(いえ)- House/Home

の - Connective

こと - Intangible Thing

が - Subject Marker

少し(すこし)- A Small Amount

大変(たいへん)- Rough or Hard

で - Short Pedicate

こそ - For Sure

最近(さいきん)- Recent

ちょっと - a Little

変(へん)- Strange

だ - Predicate

よ - !

大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)- Alright

な - Adjective marker

の - ?

大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)- Alright

心配(しんぱい)- Worry

ない - Negative

よ - !

俺(おれ)- I (informal Male)

は - Topic Marker

この - This

前(まえ)- Before

は - Topic Marker

気まずく(きまずく)- Uncomfortable

させちゃって - To unfortunately Be

ごめん - Sorry

ね - Isn't it?

 伏見稲荷(ふしみいなり) - [Place Name] 

行き(ゆき)- Bound 

列車(れっしゃ)- Train

が - Subject Marker

間もなく(まもなく)- Shortly

発車(れっしゃ)- Depart

いたします - To Go (Honorific)


伏見稲荷(ふしみいなり[Place Name]

駅 (えき)- Train Station


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