013: Replies

More verbs. Now that you know how to spot Ichidan, Godan and Exception verbs let's get back into conjugation. 


As a reminder here is the list of bases: 

Base 1: a/あ

Base 2: i/い

Base 3: u/う

Base 4: e/え

Base 5: ou *long sound おう 


Here are some basic examples with each verb type as they conjugate slightly differently. 

Godan Verbs: nomu – to drink

Nomu in Base 1 = noma のま

Nomu in Base 2 = nomi のみ

Nomu in Base 3 = nomu のむ

Nomu in Base 4 = nome のめ

Nomu in Base 5 = nomou のもう 


So from here, we remember that the bases are basically the first part of two pieces that make up the form of the verb. Let's go over an example. To put verbs in the negative form we first mush change it into Base 1 and then add ない. So To Drink (のむ) become Does not drink (のまない) . That simple. Now each type of ending must aline with one of the 7 bases. However, each base has a meaning of it's own. For example, Base 5 mean's let's Verb. Or Let's Drink (のもう). While we will not go over all the meaning today try to memorize these main ones of Base 1 + ない and Base 5. This will help us understand the last two bases which is next week's topic. 





えー - huh

変な(へん) - Odd/Strange

の - !

この - This

置物(おきもの)- Porch statue (literally placed thing)

を - Object Particle

買った(かう+BTA)To Buy (Past Tense)

の - ?


これ - This

が - Subject Marker

返事(へんじ) - Reply

だ - Predicate


 今(いま)- Now

開ける(あける) - Open

か - Question Marker

いや - No

無理(むり) - Nothing we can do

よ - !

今(いま) - Now

は - Topic Marker

できそう (できる+B2+そう) - Seems Possible

に - Direction Particle

ない - Negative

わ - ! (feminine)

ねえ - Hey

ちょっと - A little

どこ - Where

か - Question Particle

一緒に(いっしょ) - Together

出掛けない(でかける+BI+ない)Go do something (Negative) 

アイス - Ice-cream

か - Question Particle

何か(なにか) - What

買い(かう+B2) - Buy/Shop (noun)

に - Direction Marker

行く(いく) - To Go


いい(イイ)- Good (Katakana for emphasis)

ね - Isn't it

行こう(いく+B5) - Let's Go 

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