009: What To Do?

The other kind of verbs are two fold. The first of the two are called Godan or Yodan Verbs. Both mean verbs that end in anything outside of ERU and IRU; Ichidan verbs. That's right every other verb that doesn't end in either ERU or IRU is a Godan verb. 

Examples of Godan Verbs:

Kau - かう - To Buy

Uru - うる - To Sell

Yobu - よぶ - To Call

Kaku - かく - To Write

Manabu - まなぶ - To Learn


Try to pick out the Godan verbs from the list below.


The other type of verbs are the the most hated group. Exception verbs. Exception verbs themselves fall into two categories. 

Group One:

Suru - する - To Verb

Kuru - くる - To Come

Iku - いく - To Go


These three verbs are tricky and you unfortunately have to learn their unique conjugation table via wrote memorization. Luckily though, these are the only verbs that you really have to do that with. For once you can distinguish Ichidans from Godans conjugation is quite simple, but we will go into that another week. Or you can check out the 30 Day Challenge.


Group Two:

Liar Verbs: Etc. 

Kiru - きる - To Cut

Shiru - しる - To Know


Group Two exception verbs are super annoying. They are verbs that look like Ichidan verbs but are conjugated like Godan verbs. There are not many of these verbs but they do pop up every so often.



  1. いく - To Go
  2. はなす - To Speak
  3. みる - To See
  4. える - To Get
  5. ある - To Exist
  6. なく - To Cry
  7. とぶ - to Jump/Fly
  8. たべる - To Eat
  9. ねる - To Sleep
  10. もつ - To Hold



どうしまようか - What should we do?



あの人(ひと)- That Person

に - Directional Particle

話(はなし)- Talk 

行く(いく)- To Go

べき - Should

だろう- Predicate

か - Question Particle

 どうかしら - I don't know



お母さん(おかあさん)- Mom

その - That

お守り(おまもり)- Charm

どこ - Where

で - Location of action

手に入れた(てにいれる PAST)- Get

の - Informal Question Particle

後(あと)- After

に - Direction Particle

して (する)To Verb



シクシク - Crying Onomatopoeia 

Bolded Words are Godan Verbs. 


いく - To Go

はなす - To Speak

みる - To See

える - To Get

ある - To Exist

なく - To Cry

とぶ - to Jump/Fly

たべる - To Eat

ねる - To Sleep

もつ - To Hold

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