010: Kyoto Bound

The last group of verbs are somewhat of a pain. Like every language, there are the exception verbs. For the most part, Japanese is very good at obeying its own rules. However, there are a few verbs that break the rules entirely. There there main exception verbs. 

Let’s go over the three big ones and then we will provide you a list of common LIAR verbs.  


Suru – To Do する 

Kuru – To Come くる 

Iku – To Go いく


The three verbs above very common and extremely important to remember. Particularly する. Suru is interesting because it can go behind a noun, and make it into a verb. That's right, you can just stick する after a word like (study) and it becomes: To Study.


やくそく (promise) + する = To Promise

ちゅうもん (an order) + する = To Order

ほんやく(translation) + する = To Translate

かくにん(confirmation) + する = To Confirm

けんきゅう(research) + する = To Research

 けっこん(marriage) + する = To Get Married

うんてん (drive) + する = To Drive


Japanese is Magic! I think this is freaking awesome. 


Outside of these three there major exception verbs する, くる, and いく, there are verbs that are LIAR verbs that you kinda have to learn though trial and error. Examples of this include:  

Kiru – to cut

Shiru – to know 

Iru – to need

Hairu – to enter

Kaeru – to return

Hashiru – to run

Kagiru – to limit

Keru – to kick

Shaberu – to talk

Teru – to shine



This list is not comprehensive, rather, it is meant to give you an idea of common verbs that initially look like Ichidan verbs but are actually Godan verbs. If you run into an verb that looks like an Ichidan and are questioning which one it is, you can double check by looking it up on http://www.jisho.org or on the app like Imiwa or Shirabe. 



来週(らいしゅう) - Next Week 

の - Connective Particle

木曜日(もくようび) - Thursday

に - Directional Particle

お休み(おやすみ) - Break/Vacation

頂けない(いただく+ない) - Recieve (Humble)

でしょうか - 


妻(つま) - Wife (My Wife) 

の - Connective Particle

調子(ちょうし) - Condition

が - Subject Particle

悪くて(わるくて) - Worse


する - To Verb

こと - Intangible Thing 

ある - To Exist

んです - Predicate + Explanation Particle 

 やあ - Yeah

もちろん - Of Course



来週(らいしゅう) - Next Week

木曜日(もくようび) - Thursday

発 - Depart (Suffix)*

の - Connective Particle

京都(きょうと) - Kyoto

行き(ゆき) - Bound*

新幹線(しんかんせん) - Bullet Train 

切符(きっぷ) - Ticket

を - Object Marker

ください - Please

* Suffixes mostly used for trains.

Also, yes Yuki and Iki are the same kanji. We will talk about that another day. One Step at a time. 


 ありがとう - Thank You

道(みち) - Street/Road

は - Topic Particle

覚えてる(おぼえる+Bて) - To Remember

もちろん - Of Course

神社(じんじゃ) - Shrine

の - Connective Particle

方(ほう) - Direction

に - Direction Particle

行って(いく+Bて) - To Go

森(もり) - Forest

中(なか) - In the Middle

へ - Directional Particle (General Direction)

曲がる(まがる) - To Turn

んだ - 

よ - !

ね - Isn't it

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